At Reach Dredging Ltd., we are sworn to provide the highest standards of service and a have a steady focus on reliability of our services. We offer our services allied to dredging which at a glance are mentioned below:

Bathymetric Survey

Since, dredging takes place under water which cannot be seen from outside, the work is monitored using advanced technology like bathymetric surveys which employs acoustic sounding techniques or geological survey. This helps in monitoring the work in terms of the area to be dredged and also the type of materials that are to be dredged.

Our Objectives

  • Navigation: To build basins, harbors, jetties, canals and other facilities and/or to develop, maintain, expand or otherwise to improve essential navigation connections to inland harbors and ports, so as to promote transportation of people, material and equipment using the waterways. Both capital as well as maintenance dredging helps to achieve this goal.
  • Construction and Reclamation: To supply construction material like sand, clay, gravel and shell. To provide landfills, including the construction of residential and industrial areas, dams, airports and highways etc.
  • Flood Control: To improve or maintain the discharge or flow capabilities of channels, rivers and other waterways by maintaining or enlarging the cross section or by re-aligning the water courses.
  • Environmental Remediation: To remove or clean up the sub-aquedus or underwater pollutants from contaminated water bodies to improve the quality of water.

As a matter of fact, dredging contributes a lot to the development, environmental and economic sectors of most countries.